Whether you are a solo artist or a big band, or if you want a quick demo or a release quality album, we can we provide the flexible and creative recording enviroment you need to capture your sound.


The Sound


........... With a great live room, isolation booth and amp side rooms Studio 2 is our primary tracking space. Studio 1 has an outstanding hybrid mix/mastering setup. It combines the best 'in the box' processing with analogue outboard eqs and compressors.

"Outside of London, it's rare that you find a room as musical as Studio 2 to record in. Having the space to let your music breathe can do wonders for the sound, and given the excellent choice of mics and preamps there are always a number of different ways you can approach a recording. All the best studios have great recording rooms, and Studio 2 is no exception!"
Mark Cousins
Music Tech Magazine

"I go to Paper Stone when I need a huge natural drum sound. And I mean HUGE! The space brings an incredible character to a recording that is impossible to achieve without being in a great room with great gear"
Pete Fletcher
Producer/ Denizen Records


The Gear

With recording/production kit from the very best names in pro audio:

API, Universal Audio, Telefunken, Neumann, Prism, SSL, PMC, D.A.V., Drawmer, Coles, Moog, AKG, Shure etc...

and Backline/Instruments from Fender, Ampeg, Tama, Moog, Roland, Taylor, Dave Smith Instruments etc...

Click HERE for full kit list.


Day Hire

All our facilities are available to composers, producers and engineers who need a premium recording space and access to great kit. You can now hire one of our superb live rooms to track your project, and leave at the end of the day with all the audio files ready to take back to your DAW.

"...they set me up then let me get on with recording! the results when I get back to the studio are always excellent.. and if I need any help they are always on hand.
Lee Gretton
Composer/Producer Inproduction Music